We are proud to present our first batch of ToyCon UK exclusives that will be available from our booth this weekend.

Up first we have 3 Negora tank sets that are sporting Bape inspired camp paint apps. They have been hand sprayed by the Max Toy Co. Head Honcho himself, Mark Negata. These are a true thing of beauty and photos do not do them justice. We only have 1 of each colour available and we don’t expect them to be around for long. They are priced at £160 each and will be available when the doors open at 9am.

We also have a super limited exclusive colour way of the Lady Darkness both regular face and masked versions. These top heavy beauties are cast in GID Japanese vinyl with pink, teal, black and yellow sprays. They are priced at £20 each and are sold individually.

We have 2 more exclusives that we’ll be able to share later this week, we’re just waiting for them to clear customs.

Our booth will be a treasure trove of Kaiju, with loads of Japanese artists & brands represented including, Konatsu, RxH, Uamou, Chima, Sunguts and Dream Rockets.

We also have a super limited amount of exclusives from last year that we held back, so if you missed out last time here’s your chance to try and fill a gap in your collection.

See you all on Saturday!x