We’ve been busy behind the scenes at Hang Gang HQ lately! We had a major Kaiju & Sofubi restock today and we have lots more amazing items arriving over the next few weeks.

We have also been working something very special with our ToyCon UK brothers…

Following the huge success of the first ToyCon UK, the team behind the event are back and they’ve got a monster on their hands!

The guys have assembled a line up of super talented artists from the Eastern and Western hemispheres, armed them with the DIY edition of their stomping T-Con mascot and asked them to do what they do best.

Abell | A Little Stranger | Blobpus | Brian Flynn | Carson Catlin | Charles Rodríguez | Chima Group | Chris Dobson (Alto) | Cris Rose | D-lux | Datadub | Dream Rocket | Dril One | Gary Ham | Goto San | Hariken | HauS of Boz | Hugh Rose | Josh Herbolsheimer | JPK | Kerry Dyer | Lisa Rae HansEn | Luke Chueh | Lunabee | Map Map | Mark Nagata | Mark Treharne | Mike Strick | Mr. Lister | Nerd One | Paul Kaiju | Pete Fowler | Planet Domu | Podgy Panda | PPPudding | Ralph Niese | Rampage toys | Refreshment | Robotic Ind | Run DMB |Scott Tolleson|Skull Toys | Squink! | Stu Witter | Sunguts | Topheroy | Triclops | Uamou | Ume Toys | Yamomark

“It’s great to see something you’ve invested so much love and time into be re-imagined and by artists you look-up to & respect. I was keen to make sure the line-up not only reflected the best of British and European artists but also showcased amazing artists from further afield which may be new to UK toy fans and collectors. I’d like to give massive thanks to Fig-Lab (Don) for all his help in getting so many great Japanese artists involved, it’s going to be an epic show!” Barry Darnell – The Hang Gang

“The UK toy scene is a melting pot of influences from the US and the Far East” says Jonjo Glynn, “even T-Con himself reflects this with roots in Japanese kaiju but with a modern designer vinyl twist.”

“The line-up for the show is amazing, with a stunning selection of artists from around the world. It’s great to be able to showcase this kind of talent here in the UK, and hopefully we can continue to bring toys to a wider audience which was a huge part of the motivation when we started ToyCon UK .” Ben Hart

The event will be held in London at the Fleet River Bakery. There will be a preview list for the event which will go live along with full reveals of the customs in the week leading up to the event. To get on the preview list email preview@toyconuk.com

Hope to see some of you there, let us know if you are attending here:


And for some sneak peeks of the customs search on Instagram using #tconcustom