The Kaiju Negora, is a rare breed indeed! These things are like rocking horse poo, we know first hand as we’re always trying to them to our private collection, with with very little success. Usually they’re only released stateside or in Japan but we though it was time the UK was shown some love and a massive thanks to the Max Toy Co’s main man, Mark Nagata, for making this happen. Cast in white vinyl both the Negora and tuna feature electric green and baby pink sprays and the Negora has deep pink sprays down his back and stunning gold eyes. They are £40 each and will be available from our booth, in very limited numbers from 1pm! So be sharp if you don’t want to miss out, ours already has pride of place in our studio, safely behind glass and with his brothers.

We’ve had a lot of e-mails regarding these, to make it fair they will only be available at the con (as with all our exclusives) any remaining pieces will be made available online (via our store) at a later date.